Software Developer

Kia Ora!

I'm Apteryx, a young software developer from Aotearoa New Zealand! I am passionate about creating things, whether it's something as simple as a Discord bot or a complex full-stack cross-platform application.

Although I started my programming journey a while ago, I truly got into it during the 2020 lockdown, when I had more time to explore and experiment with different technologies. Since then, I have honed my skills and gained expertise in various programming languages and technologies.

Web Development

As a full-stack web developer, I am proficient in designing and developing dynamic and responsive websites using a variety of technologies. I have a strong knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and leverage them to create stunning web experiences that engage users.

I'm experienced in working with popular frameworks and libraries like React, NextJS, and TailwindCSS, which allow me to build complex, scalable web applications. In fact, I used these technologies to create this very website!

Currently, my main project is Qwaroo, a quiz/guessing games site where users can play and create custom games, like the classic, Higher or Lower.

Bot Development

I have a history of creating Discord bots, it being the driving force for me to get into programming. I've since created numerous bots for a variety of purposes, ranging from moderation to entertainment. I created those bots originally using JavaScript, now days using TypeScript.

While I no longer exclusively focus on Discord bot development, I remain dedicated to maintaining a few of my existing private bots and have plans to create additional ones in the future. In fact, I've even developed my own bot framework, called Maclary, to support my future bot-making endeavors.

Mobile Development

In addition to web development, I have also dabbled in mobile development. I have created a few mobile applications using React Native and Expo. However, none are currently active/released.

Game Development

I have reignited my interest in game development and decided to explore it further using Unity and C#. While I have used Unity in the past, I am now committed to mastering it and delving deeper into the world of game development. I'll update this section once I have more to share.


In terms of infrastructure, I am experienced with Git, GitHub, and GitHub Actions, which allows me to efficiently manage and deploy my projects. I am also familiar with Docker, which helps me build and run applications in a consistent and reliable way.

When it comes to hosting my applications, I use a Raspberry Pi, which provides a cost-effective and flexible solution for my needs. For web applications, I also use NGINX as a web server to manage and serve content.

In addition, I have some minor experience in other areas of software development, such as desktop development using C++ and the Qt framework.

Lastly, for my database needs, I use MongoDB, which allows me to store and retrieve data in a scalable and efficient manner.